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Archive for: August, 2017

Step Up Your Social Media Presence In 2016

  Businesses all over the country are wakening up to the stark reality, that a strong social media presence is no longer just beneficial, but essential. And as a result, more and more are outsourcing their social media management to specialist digital communications agencies like Curtis Gabriel Corp. Over the last five years, social media…

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#DrummondPuddleWatch- A Good Advertisement For Social Media?

In a time with the world in chaos, there’s nothing like a daft viral trend to put things in perspective and remind everyone of the simple pleasures in life. Last week, almost 19,000 people tuned into a live stream on Periscope, to watch footage of the activity surrounding a puddle in Newcastle. A puddle! Yes,…

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10,000 Characters? Twitter, You’re Having A Laugh!

Many of you will have seen in the news last week, Twitter are currently toying with the idea of changing the much loved 140 character limit to 10,000! And, many of you will have noticed the dismay of Twitter addicts worried about their newsfeeds being filled with Facebook style essays! As a result of this…

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