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//How to grow your audience on social media

How to grow your audience on social media

If you are reading this and looking for a quick fix for how to grow your audience numbers, we will let you know now that there is no magic to growing an engaged audience on social media and it all comes down to some good old fashioned hard work. However, there are things you can do to help facilitate growth on your social media pages and here are our top tips:


Share great content

Ok, so this is the first step and it’s a pretty obvious one. Basically, make sure you are consistently sharing fun and interesting content which is relevant to your target audience. It sounds simple, but it is easy for you to forget about your pages for a few days over a weekend or go through a dry patch creatively and resort to sales heavy or repetitive posts. Ideally you should be posting daily and making sure you are showcasing your brand and what you are about in the best possible light.


Be social

If you want people to follow your pages you need to put yourself out there. By this we mean don’t expect users to find and follow you, be proactive and look for them. Engage with the content other users share by commenting on their posts, replying to comments, favouriting and liking what they have to say. When it comes to incoming activity, make sure you strike while the iron is hot and invite people who have shown an interest to like your page, or follow them, chances are they will follow you back.


Use new features

The best way to stay on top on social media is to continually experiment with new features as they are introduced to each of platforms. Algorithms favour new features so by using them for your posts you will see greater reach and engagement on your posts which you can then convert into new followers.


Pay for it

Now, to clarify by this we do not mean buying followers or likes, that is a sure-fire way to lose any credibility you may have had on social media. However, using targeted paid reach campaigns to make sure your content is seen by an audience who could be interested in your product or business can have a significant impact on your growth.


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