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Social Media Round Up

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Substantial changes for Facebook this week as they attempt to clarify how their news feed works for publishers whilst also trialling a new ‘explore feed’. Very interesting times ahead!


Facebook releases guidelines to help users better understand how the news feed works.


There has been much in the press in recent weeks about a downward trend in engagement and reach on many Facebook pages and further fuel was thrown on the fire this week with speculation that pages would have their posts moved to a separate ‘Explore Feed’. Obviously important news for anyone using Facebook to market their business!

The new guidelines can be found in full on Facebook, however here are our key points;

  • Make sure the content you are sharing is interesting and meaningful to your audience.
  • Experiment with the range of Facebook features and see which works for your audience e.g. Facebook Live, Facebook 360.
  • Use visually rich content – videos and bespoke artwork is great for this!
  • Engage with other users by tagging in people, places and events.
  • Post regularly – by sharing great content regularly Facebook algorithms will be better placed to share content with those who will find it meaningful.

Ultimately, whist Facebook has shared these guidelines much of it is nothing new and it is all about working out what works best for you and your business. That is why choosing social media management for your social media platforms can be so effective. At CGC our team of dedicated account managers will carefully analysis what works for your business and your audience to help you get the greatest ROI.


Live guest feature now available to all Instagram users

In August we talked about Instagram trialling a new Live Guest function on Instagram Live and after a positive response it has now been rolled out to all users. It is easy to do and gives users a quick and easy way to connect with those who are watching them live – you simply tap the icon in the bottom right hand corner to invite anyone who is currently watching you to join you.

Live Social Media

One change since the initial introduction is the use of layered story icons to show that you are live together.
With the continual popularity of Instagram Live we think this is an exciting development and really helps users to capitalise on real time content on the platform. Instagram Stories

Facebook ‘Explore Feed’

So, an unpopular idea for many but Facebook is experimenting with a new and separate ‘Explore Feed’. This move would remove all direct Page posts from a user’s main feed and share them instead on a new ‘Explore Feed’. The obvious concern for businesses being that their content would be moved to the Explore Feed and people would not see it, making it even more difficult for pages to generate reach and engagement.

What has been observed up to this point in the countries it has been trialled in is that the Explore Feed shows users content which is similar to the content they choose to see on their current news feed and we can certainly see the benefits of this. Facebook will be able to share pages with you which you might find interesting based on your current preferences and that’s no bad thing for users, although it does create greater competition for businesses who have already established a captive audience. Also, worth noting is that while posts from pages will be moved to the Explore Feed, adverts won’t be, increasing the need for businesses to use paid reach.

An interesting time for Facebook and the brands who use it to advertise!


FB Explore



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