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Benefits of engaging with influencers on social media

Keep hearing mutterings about the powers of influencer marketing on social media?

It’s a trend that marketers cannot afford to ignore as stats show 49% of consumers on twitter look for guidance from influencers when contemplating a purchase whilst a huge 40% of twitter users reported they had made a purchase because of an influencers tweet.

So, if you’re not using influencers to promote your product on social media you are missing out.

Why does it work?

Because an influencer is someone who has a large audience on social media and people trust what they say! Unlike celebrity endorsements, influencers choose to share products because they love them, not because they are paid to do so and people see this.

How can you do it?

As a brand, you need to spend time on social media identifying people who personify your brand and what you are all about. In more traditional marketing this would be identifying your target audience. Once you have found influencers who fit your brand, check out their followers. From a purely marketing point of view, there is less point in engaging with an influencer who has a small following. To get the real response, look for influencers with a large social media presence. That said, getting in their early with a profile that you can see will become an influencer could also be a smart move, if you are there with them from the start they are more likely to show your brand a greater level of loyalty.

Then what?

Start following all their social media platforms, then begin liking their posts and passing positive comments on what they share. Basically, this is an opportunity to get your name and brand in front of them. Sometimes this will be enough and the influencer will start showing an interest in your brand. If not, you may need to be more direct in engaging them in conversation however we would always advise any ‘sales’ heavy contact.


Now you’ve done the hard work, what are the benefits of engaging with influencers?

  • It is a far cheaper form of marketing than many of the traditional methods, including celebrity endorsements.
  • People trust it as a form of marketing, indeed we are far more receptive to recommendations from people we like and respect. Social media allows us to do this on a mass scale.
  • If you are new to social media, it allows you to network with experienced users who may already have a strong, engaged audience which you can tap into.
  • By using an influencer not only will you experience more traffic on your social media, but your audience size will start to increase and an increase in followers should be followed by an increase in sales.
  • It is important to remember your SEO ranking, as this is an important part for any business. By using the influencers, you have the potential for your SEO to increase due to your content being optimized by the influencer on their social media platforms. Each time an influencer shares a link to your website or product, or even mentions your name they are develop you SEO. By developing your SEO, you will gain a better reputation, as your audience will trust you and find you on Google easier.


Curtis Gabriel is a UK leading social media agency. For more information on how we can help your business email simon@curtisgabriel.com

Posted on October 4, 2017 in Social

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