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Curtis Gabriel Newcastle

Social Media Round Up

Social media gets more social this week as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook all make improvements to their communication features. LinkedIn Active Status LinkedIn has seen an incredible 240% growth on the number of messages sent since the introduction of their new look mobile app and they have decided to capitalise on this progress by adding…

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Curtis Gabriel Newcastle


Here’s our round up of the top three social media stories which have been creating conversation in the CGC office this week. Live Streaming updates on Instagram This week Instagram has introduced a new update to their live streaming feature which allows users to add another user into their live stream. We love this feature…

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CGC Weekly Social Media Round Up

WhatsApp reaches ONE BILLION active users Last February, Facebook-owned messaging service, WhatsApp announced that it had reached a billion monthly active users. Thus beating Facebook messenger to the same milestone by five months. But now WhatsApp has highlighted its continued growth, announcing that it’s reached one billion daily users, the second Facebook app to hit…

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Your Social Media monitored 365 days a year

☀️ Who’s looking forward to a summer holiday? ☀️ If you are, have you thought about how you will take care of your social media whilst you’re away? Missed messages can easily result in lost business and a decrease in profits. Find out more about our social media management packages which offer full coverage 7 days a…

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Why Should I Start a Blog for My Business?

With an estimated 172, 800 blogs being written everyday it may feel like you are trying to swim against an incoming tide of online content but (and this is a big BUT) we can assure you that writing a blog is worth it. Blogging can be an invaluable tool for any business, from multi-national corporations…

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Professional Video Content For Social Media

Are you looking for a way to make you business stand out from the crowd on social media? We can help you by designing and producing professional videos to showcase your product in a unique and fun way. Get in touch now to find out more, email simon@curtisgabriel.com to get a quote!

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CGC Weekly Social Media Round Up

Social media continues to provide us with opportunities to network with the world around us and this week saw some interesting changes as the different platforms continue to vie for their share of audience engagement and usage.   Here’s what we think you need to know!   3. Search and find it on eBay Have…

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CGC 3 Bliion Users FB

Global Social Media

Facebook has TWO BILLION monthly users! 😱 That is phenomenal! Curtis Gabriel knows exactly how to make sure your Social Media stands out and is engaging with your target audience! Let us show you how…✨

customer service

Customer Service

We live in a fast-paced world in which people can shop, bank and communicate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and this has led to a situation where people expect an instant response on social media. Is this something your business can offer? Perhaps you are planning a summer holiday this year, have…

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Social Media Management of instagram stories

4 reasons Why You Need to Start Using Instagram Stories for Your Business

Have you noticed the multi-coloured circles floating at the top of your Instagram feed? Say hello to Instagram stories. Launching six months ago it has already over taken Snapchats users. In the first seven months of Instagram’s stories launch it has reached 150 million daily users. Read CGC’s guide on how to utilise Instagram’s largest…

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Is Direct Messaging The Future Of Social Media Marketing?

We are thrilled to announced Facebook have now enabled business pages to contact customers through private messaging. Facebook has changed drastically over the past few years as more and more businesses drive a strong social media presence, engaging with consumers and creating a personalised customer service. In the past customers were able to message a…

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How Will You React On Facebook Now?

Life as we know it on Facebook changes forever today! Facebook has rolled out it’s new and (we are happy to say) improved ‘Like’ button today after testing it in a select number of countries around the world! Work began on the Reactions after Zuckerberg stated “I want to really make it easy for people to…

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Step Up Your Social Media Presence In 2016

  Businesses all over the country are wakening up to the stark reality, that a strong social media presence is no longer just beneficial, but essential. And as a result, more and more are outsourcing their social media management to specialist digital communications agencies like Curtis Gabriel Corp. Over the last five years, social media…

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#DrummondPuddleWatch- A Good Advertisement For Social Media?

In a time with the world in chaos, there’s nothing like a daft viral trend to put things in perspective and remind everyone of the simple pleasures in life. Last week, almost 19,000 people tuned into a live stream on Periscope, to watch footage of the activity surrounding a puddle in Newcastle. A puddle! Yes,…

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10,000 Characters? Twitter, You’re Having A Laugh!

Many of you will have seen in the news last week, Twitter are currently toying with the idea of changing the much loved 140 character limit to 10,000! And, many of you will have noticed the dismay of Twitter addicts worried about their newsfeeds being filled with Facebook style essays! As a result of this…

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Forget Social Media, it’s Christmas! Right? WRONG!

Companies of all shapes and sizes switch off over Christmas, convinced that the viewing public forgets about social media. Every year we hear ‘who’s looking at Facebook on Christmas Day?’ Scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram on Christmas Day may seem like an alien concept to many, but for Millennials checking social media is…

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Does Social Media Affect SEO?

In 2010 Google’s Matt Cutts boldly stated that your social media activity plays an important role in your business’ search engine position. Fast-forward four years, and Cutts retracted those claims, saying that businesses with strong SEO rankings are a result of ‘awesome content’ rather than social signals. Since the statement at the beginning of 2014,…

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Curtis Gabriel Journalists Supply Nationals With News Via Social Media

Over the last few hours, anyone watching the news, listening to the radio or following the Twitter accounts of the major news outlets in Newcastle will have probably heard the news of a massive sinkhole that has appeared in Gosforth.   An image that was picked up by BBC Newcastle, ITV Tyne Tees, Press Association,…

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It’s Curtains For The Man Who Couldn’t #CarryThemHome

Following weeks of speculation, the RFU announced today that England head coach Stuart Lancaster has left his post by mutual consent.   The last couple of months have thrown out a mixed bag of emotions from English rugby fans, with an unimaginable early exit dampening the moods of many, combined with the immense pride of…

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Blind Recruit- The Ins and Outs?

As many of you will be aware ‘Blind Recruitment’ has been a hot topic in the news as leading employers and universities are being asked to remove candidate’s names from their application before reviewing. As a rapidly expanding business, recruitment is a common concern within our organization, so when something like this appears in the…

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Privacy Settings Julie! You’ll Not Make That Mistake Again!

Social media has once again been in the news, following a Newcastle hen do that spiraled out of control and ended up going viral on Facebook. As the hashtag #JuliesHenParty started spreading like wildfire, the event organizer was forced to cancel the event, as over 15000 people had clicked to attend the event, with a…

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