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Social Media Roundup – 7th June 2018

Facebook falls below Snapchat and Instagram amongst Teens users. Whilst teenagers may not be your target audience this is an interesting statistic and one that you need to know about. Why? Because it shows a shift in how young people are using social media, because it places a huge focus on image-based platforms and because today’s teenagers will become tomorrows target audience. Knowing where your target audience is on social media is key, you can put out incredible ..

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Social Media Roundup – 24th May 2018

It is all about Stories at the moment for Instagram and Facebook as they both add new features to keep users interested and engaged whilst Facebook also test the possibility of a new influencer marketplace platform. Instagram lets users share posts directly to stories This week Instagram have announced that all users will now be able to share regular, public posts to their own Instagram stories and we think this could be fantastic for businesses using the platform. T..

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