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Curtis Gabriel Newcastle


Here’s our round up of the top three social media stories which have been creating conversation in the CGC office this week. Live Streaming updates on Instagram This week Instagram has introduced a new update to their live streaming feature which allows users to add another user into their live stream. We love this feature…

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blog button on the keyboard

Why Should I Start a Blog for My Business?

With an estimated 172, 800 blogs being written everyday it may feel like you are trying to swim against an incoming tide of online content but (and this is a big BUT) we can assure you that writing a blog is worth it. Blogging can be an invaluable tool for any business, from multi-national corporations…

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Social Media Management of instagram stories

4 reasons Why You Need to Start Using Instagram Stories for Your Business

Have you noticed the multi-coloured circles floating at the top of your Instagram feed? Say hello to Instagram stories. Launching six months ago it has already over taken Snapchats users. In the first seven months of Instagram’s stories launch it has reached 150 million daily users. Read CGC’s guide on how to utilise Instagram’s largest…

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Forget Social Media, it’s Christmas! Right? WRONG!

Companies of all shapes and sizes switch off over Christmas, convinced that the viewing public forgets about social media. Every year we hear ‘who’s looking at Facebook on Christmas Day?’ Scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram on Christmas Day may seem like an alien concept to many, but for Millennials checking social media is…

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Blind Recruit- The Ins and Outs?

As many of you will be aware ‘Blind Recruitment’ has been a hot topic in the news as leading employers and universities are being asked to remove candidate’s names from their application before reviewing. As a rapidly expanding business, recruitment is a common concern within our organization, so when something like this appears in the…

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