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Tips for handling negative feedback on social media

Negative feedback – two words that no business wants to hear but in the world of social media, two words that are becoming more and more common. That’s not because there are a greater number of issues or more things to complain about, it’s simply the fact that social media and the internet has given…

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Why business need a presence on social media

In short – yes. Perhaps the question should be why does your business need a presence on social media and here’s our top 5 reasons.   Social media is here to stay Many of us grew up at a time when Facebook was just a glint in the eye of Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram was…

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5 Social Media Marketing ‘Fails’ to Avoid

We’ve all seen examples of social media fails, some more spectacular than others it’s true but none of them are what you want to be facing as a business. Indeed, we all remember when Walker’s crisps #WalkersWave campaign or Susan Boyles #Susanalbumparty missed the mark. But with the continual rise of social media popularity comes…

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Global Social Media

Facebook has TWO BILLION monthly users! 😱 That is phenomenal! Curtis Gabriel knows exactly how to make sure your Social Media stands out and is engaging with your target audience! Let us show you how…✨

customer service

Customer Service

We live in a fast-paced world in which people can shop, bank and communicate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and this has led to a situation where people expect an instant response on social media. Is this something your business can offer? Perhaps you are planning a summer holiday this year, have…

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Social Media Management of instagram stories

Why You Need to Start Using Instagram Stories for Your Business

Have you noticed the multi-coloured circles floating at the top of your Instagram feed? Say hello to Instagram stories. Launching six months ago it has already over taken Snapchats users. In the first seven months of Instagram’s stories launch it has reached 150 million daily users. Read CGC’s guide on how to utilise Instagram’s largest…

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Is Direct Messaging The Future Of Social Media Marketing?

We are thrilled to announced Facebook have now enabled business pages to contact customers through private messaging. Facebook has changed drastically over the past few years as more and more businesses drive a strong social media presence, engaging with consumers and creating a personalised customer service. In the past customers were able to message a…

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How Will You React On Facebook Now?

Life as we know it on Facebook changes forever today! Facebook has rolled out it’s new and (we are happy to say) improved ‘Like’ button today after testing it in a select number of countries around the world! Work began on the Reactions after Zuckerberg stated “I want to really make it easy for people to…

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#DrummondPuddleWatch- A Good Advertisement For Social Media?

In a time with the world in chaos, there’s nothing like a daft viral trend to put things in perspective and remind everyone of the simple pleasures in life. Last week, almost 19,000 people tuned into a live stream on Periscope, to watch footage of the activity surrounding a puddle in Newcastle. A puddle! Yes,…

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10,000 Characters? Twitter, You’re Having A Laugh!

Many of you will have seen in the news last week, Twitter are currently toying with the idea of changing the much loved 140 character limit to 10,000! And, many of you will have noticed the dismay of Twitter addicts worried about their newsfeeds being filled with Facebook style essays! As a result of this…

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