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Social Media Weekly Roundup – 3

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Here’s our round up of the top three social media stories which have been creating conversation in the CGC office this week.

Live Streaming updates on Instagram

This week Instagram has introduced a new update to their live streaming feature which allows users to add another user into their live stream. We love this feature at CGC and think it will give some great entertainment and insight into different topics by linking users from across the world. We mean, why just share your own ideas with the world when you have the opportunity to do so with those who share your views? It’s time to get social people!


Facebook Animated Comment Triggers

Did anyone else feel old when Harry Potter celebrated its 20th anniversary? Yeah, so did we! Anyway, what you might not have seen was Facebooks homage to Harry Potter!

Their “Secret” feature displayed an animated response when you clicked on ‘trigger’ words within posts on Facebook.

The public’s reaction to this secret Harry Potter trigger was so great that Facebook has made the trigger reaction a permanent feature.

Users have reported trigger words such as “Congrats” and “XOXO” and we can only predict that Facebook will be rolling more out in the coming months. We’ll let you know when we find them!

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Facebook Launches New Video Service

Why just eat a piece of the pie when you can have all of it? We figure this is what the top brass at Facebook thought this week when they launched their new video service which will see them go head to head against the likes of Youtube and other tv networks.

The new ‘watch’ tab will allow you to watch a range of content, some of which will have been created exclusively for Facebook through your profile. We all know Facebook loves to keep an eye on what we are doing so they will be able to personalise recommendations of their live and recorded shows through the ‘watchlist’ feature. This will be generated from what they think we should be watching based on our likes and those of our friends. There will also be the option to link in with categories such as “Most talked about” and “what’s making people laugh”

Indeed, it feels as though Facebook is quickly turning into a one stop internet shop where you will be able to surf the web without evening having to leave their site!

When asked what the future of social media holds, company director Simon Curtis has always said that websites and social media will become one and the same thing, looks like he was right, but only the tip of the iceberg…

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Posted on August 11, 2017 in Business, Entertainment, Social, Social Media Round Up

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