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Social Media Weekly Roundup – 2

WhatsApp reaches ONE BILLION active users

Last February, Facebook-owned messaging service, WhatsApp announced that it had reached a billion monthly active users. Thus beating Facebook messenger to the same milestone by five months. But now WhatsApp has highlighted its continued growth, announcing that it’s reached one billion daily users, the second Facebook app to hit that mark. This is unprecedented for any messaging app. It is used daily with businesses, even CGC has its own WhatsApp group!


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Snapchat looks to prove the effectiveness of its ad tools with new measurement program

Snap has rolled out a measurement program with Neustar Marketshare, Analytics Partners, MMA, and Nielsen as it looks to graduate from advertising rookie to serious competitor of online ad budgets.

The online social giant has been inundated with complaints there is no real way to measure or track brands levels of success.

The new partnership will afford Snapchat advertisers “even more flexibility and precision in measuring their campaigns,” the company wrote. The program specifically measures return on ad spend (ROAS) and sales lift. This will help brands incorporate snapchat as a platform far easier. CGC predicts it won’t be long before snapchat becomes the norm for any business or brand to use.


In other Snapchat news: Snapchat spectacles launch on amazon.

Snapchat’s parent company Snap Inc. is making it even easier for you to get your hands on these shades by selling them on amazon!

When they first came out, your only option was to live in a city with an interactive vending machine that only sold spectacles, called a “Snapbot”. The only issue was that these “Snapbots” disappeared after being in a location for a day, so you had to be quick if you really wanted a pair. But now they are available to buy straight away online, delivered direct to your door. Would you get a pair?!

Video demo click here

Facebook adds even more updates to help pages target a more concentrated market.

Facebook has added a brand-new feature that will allow brands to target adverts to users who have RSVP’d to events run by the page.

With the new option, it was reported that brands will be able to create Custom Audiences of consumers who responded to specific events or to any event created by a given advertiser. There will also be an option to target those who said they were going or those who said they were interested, or both. This includes responses as far back as 180 days ago. This will help businesses really make the most of ad targeting and grab a catchment of users that might get missed.


Posted on August 4, 2017 in Social, Social Media Round Up

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