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#DrummondPuddleWatch- A Good Advertisement For Social Media?

In a time with the world in chaos, there’s nothing like a daft viral trend to put things in perspective and remind everyone of the simple pleasures in life.

Last week, almost 19,000 people tuned into a live stream on Periscope, to watch footage of the activity surrounding a puddle in Newcastle. A puddle! Yes, you read that right, 19,000 sat and watched a live stream, on social media, which highlighted the activity of a puddle in Newcastle! A normal puddle of water, no bigger than your average puddle after a steady downpour…

With that in mind, we ask, do viral trends like #DrummondPuddleWatch shed social media in a good light, or reinforce the misconceptions and doubts people still have in place?

Social media started out for young, computer savvy teenagers to interact with their friends and share pictures and life updates, before quickly maturing and becoming a highly effective, marketing goldmine.

Over the years, people have gradually moved away from the opinion that social media is simply a stream of people telling their friends how many cups of tea they’ve drank, how drunk they were the night before or posting pictures of their dinner, and realized that social media offers powers beyond life stories.

As one of the UK’s leading social media agencies, we prefer to look at the positives of any trend, rather than focusing in on the negatives, no matter how daft the trend is, so here are five reasons why #DrummondPuddleWatch is good for social media:

1. Periscope- Over the last couple of years, the live streaming platform has been making waves, but has gone unnoticed by many, but #DrummondPuddleWatch has given the platform a whole new audience and really highlighted the power of live streaming on the site.

2. 19,000 people tuned in to watch a puddle! If 19,000 people tune into a social media platform to watch people stepping over a puddle, how many people will tune in when you have something of real interest to display?

3. Time management- In our fast moving culture, people are always complaining about a lack of time to do things, but yet 19,000 had time to tune in, watch and comment on a live stream of a puddle. People may not have time to watch adverts on TV anymore, but social media has become so engrained in everyday routine that trends like this only help to highlight the importance of having a strong social presence.

4. Effective live streaming on social media- Video has played a major role on social media for some time now, but Periscope’s live streaming gives everyone the opportunity to stream live footage to their audience at any time.

5. A puddle went viral! In a country notorious for rain, and at a time of nationwide flooding, an average sized puddle went viral! Imagine this from a marketing perspective- you don’t have to be the biggest or the best/worst to stand out on social media- you just need to reach the right people!


So, there you have it. #DrummondPuddleWatch may be over, but it has only reinforced the power of social media and the predictions of many, thay live streaming will play a key role in 2016.

Posted on January 13, 2016 in Social, Social Media Marketing

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