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Is Direct Messaging The Future Of Social Media Marketing?

We are thrilled to announced Facebook have now enabled business pages to contact customers through private messaging. Facebook has changed drastically over the past few years as more and more businesses drive a strong social media presence, engaging with consumers and creating a personalised customer service. In the past customers were able to message a business page directly but the business could not message them first, they have now lifted this and opened up a new door for business Facebook pages.

There are some great benefits from this, it immediately creates a rapport with the customer building a client relationship through immediate real time answers. With immediate help being made available by many businesses through real time responses, customers can get the advice they require on orders, advisors can recommended similar products and get to know the customer, meaning they can up-sell in a friendly manor. Receiving a good customer service is everything and will determine if a customer returns.

Facebook have also included some handy features such as, saved replies, this will save a lot of time and can be your opportunity to gain more information about what the customer is looking for. The customers Facebook profile is also linked to the message, giving you more information on where they’re from, where they work etc gaining a wider knowledge of your client base. There is also an option to use a ‘key word’ search to help manage your messages and add notes to follow up. Facebook are also set to launch a new comment tab feature, which gives you the option to flag up any comments which need to be followed up with a message. They really have thought of everything!

Aware that not every business would appreciate customers messaging them at all hours, there is an ‘away’ feature you can enable for 12 hours sending an automatic reply. While this feature will ensure customers know they’re query has been received, and will be dealt with, it does remove the element of real time responses and could limit the customer interactivity.

This is where we come in! By outsourcing your social media to us we can offer a fast response rate between 9am and 9pm and keep that important customer relationship growing. Year after year more consumers are turning to social media for customer service, if the customer receives a warm friendly welcome in person they should receive the same presence online, and with us managing your social media, we can guarantee this will happen.

Developments such as this prove the massive audience reached on social media and how important it is to have a strong reliable online personality for your customers. Facebook are working towards improving this online transition everyday and we’re looking forward to what comes next for Facebook Business Pages!

Posted on February 25, 2016 in Social, Social Media Marketing

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