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Forget Social Media, it’s Christmas! Right? WRONG!

Companies of all shapes and sizes switch off over Christmas, convinced that the viewing public forgets about social media. Every year we hear ‘who’s looking at Facebook on Christmas Day?’

Scrolling through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram on Christmas Day may seem like an alien concept to many, but for Millennials checking social media is second nature and the day of the year is irrelevant. Checking social media is no different to watching the news, Only Fools and Horses or the Queen’s speech to younger generations, so it is essential that your social media strategy covers the whole of the Christmas period.

Last year internet sales rose by 8.3% on Christmas Day, with the British public spending over £1.3 billion as the temptation to spend their Christmas money could not be resisted. But, what does this have to do with social media? Well… last year there were 282 million Tweets around the world about Christmas shopping, with 52% talking about specific products, and a whopping 69% stating they would purchase from a small business they follow on Christmas day if they saw a relevant post! (Stat via Digital Kitbag)


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So, do you still think you should give your social media accounts a rest over Christmas?

For some industries, it may be important to reduce the number of industry related posts on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, however for those working in hospitality and retail, it is one of the most crucial times to get your strategy correct. And, by getting it right, we don’t just mean putting out well timed posts that will direct your audience to your website and encourage them to spend money.

In a recent survey by The Social Habbit, it was revealed that 30% of consumers expect a response within 30 minutes, with 42% expecting a response within 60 seconds of making an enquiry via social media.

But, you said Christmas was a time to lay off social media….? So, what are you going to do when someone complains, requests information, is having trouble processing an order etc.?

At Curtis Gabriel, we offer all of our clients 365 days interactivity from 9am to 9pm, meaning come the 25th December, we’re not gobbling down turkey or falling asleep in front of the TV, we’re managing your online reputation!

With 57% of people expecting businesses to deliver the same response time during evenings and weekends (The Social Habbit), our 365 day, 9-9 service is a vital product. Failing to respond to consumers online will leave a bad taste, and is likely to prevent present and future business, so if you’re not fully armed with a bulletproof social media strategy for Christmas, it may be time to give us a call!

Posted on December 15, 2015 in Business, Social, Social Media Marketing

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