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Engaging with your followers on social media

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Social media is a part of every-day life for billions of people across the world yet despite the vast number of users it is a fantastic tool for communicating with your audience on a personal level and that’s why we love it. You can engage people with your brand and product through these three simple steps:


1: Post content that will grab your follower’s attention.

Most of the time we find that those using social media continually scroll through their feed, often skipping over content that is posted. For your post to grab attention, you need to know who your audience is and what interests them. Use this knowledge to post eye-grabbing images that are relatable and don’t be afraid to use a pun or two to make your posts funny. An interesting or unusual picture may pique the curiosity of your audience causing them to pause for a moment, read your post and react to it. Such qualities can help turn your posts into likeable content that your followers may want to share.


2: Run a competition

It’s no surprise that if you’re giving something away, people will be engaged. Competitions are a great way to increase traffic and engagement on your page. Competitions often result in people liking or following your page and sharing content that you post too. You can also use competition entries to gather email addresses from followers, so you can keep them informed about your products and services.


3: Don’t be afraid to ask

Sometimes the quickest way to get engagement is to ask your followers a question. There are several ways in which you can do this across the different social media platforms. For example, on twitter, do a poll or ask a question – you can give pre-set answers to be selected or ask your followers to give their thoughts in the reply. When asking questions try to vary your content, ask questions about your product and brand but also questions that link into the wider interests of your audience. By simply asking for an opinion, you can increase the amount of engagement on your posts.



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