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An Interview with The Directors: Matthew Squires

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In the first of our features with our directors, the onus falls on new arrival, Matthew Squires. Matthew recently joined Curtis Gabriel as our Operations Director, having previously played a pivotal role in helping lead and influence the marketing brand direction of the Benfield Motor Group in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Matthew took the time to sit down with the team and talk about his thoughts on the world of Social Media, both in house and beyond.

What is your role at CGC?

As newly appointed Operations Director, it is my job to manage the team at Curtis Gabriel, ensuring that we are delivering a world class service for all our clients.

What has your career looked like up until this point?

I graduated with a BA in Business and Marketing before starting my working career at Proctor & Gamble. Working for such a big and illustrious company at a young age allowed me to learn a huge amount about the world of business and marketing.

From there, I moved on to Benfield Motor Group in the North East – the largest privately-owned business in the area at the time. I worked my way through the ranks from Marketing Assistant to Brand Manager, a highly rewarding career path which allowed me to work with some of the motor industry’s biggest brands including Audi and Volkswagen.

I also played a pivotal role in the full rebranding of Benfield Motor Group, including the award-winning multimedia #enjoythejourney campaign.

What attracted you to the world of social media?

The world of marketing has changed dramatically over the last 10 years. A business’ digital presence is now key to success. With social media I love being able to interact with people in real time, as well as seeing how a brand can grow stronger with each interaction.

Social media is also a brilliant platform to get candid responses from people who would otherwise be unreachable to the general public.

How do you see social media progressing over the next three years?

One of the most exciting things about working in Digital Marketing and Social Media is that the landscape is always changing. New technology and platforms are being launched constantly and it is our job as an industry expert to keep up to speed with the latest trends.

For me, the future of social media lies in the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. I’m excited to see how AI-based tools can help aid the increasing presence and power of social media.

What are your plans for CGC?

We have exciting plans for Curtis Gabriel over the coming years. We have recently opened our first London office, allowing for a closer working relationship with our growing client base in the capital.

We are also continually looking to develop our existing product to ensure we are always offering a dynamic, world-class service to our clients.

Posted on October 18, 2017 in Business, Social

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