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Privacy Settings Julie! You’ll Not Make That Mistake Again!

Social media has once again been in the news, following a Newcastle hen do that spiraled out of control and ended up going viral on Facebook. As the hashtag #JuliesHenParty started spreading like wildfire, the event organizer was forced to cancel the event, as over 15000 people had clicked to attend the event, with a further 10,000 being invited!

Social media is an extremely powerful tool, and with its user-friendly approach, it’s quick and easy to invite all your friends to an event if the privacy settings are not in place. When creating the event, Julie’s friend made the ultimate rookie error and created an open group, rather than a private one, which would have ensured that only the intended 28 invitees would have been able to see the event.

Privacy settings play a major role in protecting your image online, and ensuring only those who you grant permission to can interact with you. As the North East’s leading digital communications agency, we’d like to offer a few tips to help you protect your privacy online, to ensure you don’t end up like Julie!

  • By failing to lock down your privacy settings, you are giving people full rights to view all of your updates, your images and you location. If you have information on Facebook that you only want to share with your friends, make sure you tell this to Facebook!
  • The power of viral! Viral posts can be an amazing thing, but they can also come back to bite you. With sharing options available on every social media post, you need to be prepared for a post spreading like wildfire, especially if it’s controversial.
  • Facebook, like all social media sites was built for networking and communication amongst friends. And, friends love taking the mick! If your privacy settings aren’t in place, and you’ve created a group like Julie, you could end up with 10,000 people getting involved!
  • In an open group, the aim in generally to gain as many followers as possible, so make sure you don’t do this by mistake! It takes second to invite all your friends to an event, so it’s essential you restrict your social media access to the people you want there.
  • Reputation management- have you posted something slightly naughty, or even a tad controversial? Something that you wouldn’t want your employer seeing? If you haven’t set up your Facebook properly, you could end up in trouble at work for posting something you felt was light hearted.


Be careful whom you let into groups and who you allow to view your profile. While we are powerless to viral sharing, you can always do the basics and lock down your profile to the general ‘Facebook stalkers’! Don’t end up like Julie! Lock down your settings now!

Posted on October 26, 2015 in Social Media Marketing

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