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Social Media Round up

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After all the buzz and excitement about the possibility of a new Explore Feed being introduced on Facebook things have been a bit quieter this week in social media but here are our top 2 stories.

Instagram adds new stories preview to boost engagement

If you aren’t already using Instagram stories to promote your business these recent changes might be the reason you start. As well as the Stories profile bubbles that already appear at the top of the app, Instagram is now adding a new stories preview mid feed which is twice as big. This basically means that they are giving businesses a second opportunity to share their story. The second, mid feed preview, will also showcase some of the story behind the profile bubble which may make the content more enticing for users than just the profile picture which is currently shared at the top of the app. The aim is to increase engagement and we think this update may do just that.

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Advert Transparency announced for Facebook

Facebook is making steps to address what has often been described as ‘dark posts’. These were paid posts which where only shown to specific target audiences and never appeared on the advertiser’s main page. Whilst many businesses used them effectively to target new audiences there was a more sinister side and many suggest this move from Facebook is a direct response to concerns that posts were used to influence last year’s American presidential election and have been used by extremist groups.

When the new changes are introduced you will be able to click a ‘View Ads’ option on any Facebook page and all the adverts currently being run by that page will be shown.

For businesses who use Facebook to promote their business we don’t feel it will not make too much difference, other than the fact people will be able to view all the adverts they are currently running if they choose to do so.


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Posted on November 2, 2017 in Social Media Round Up

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