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Social Media Round-up

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Facebook looks to increase sharing on the platform whilst Instagram stories go from strength to strength with more options to connect with other users.

Facebook rolls out new memories section to remind users about the good times!

Whether you were on Facebook from the early days or have joined more recently there is no doubt that the platform has evolved over the years and Facebook wants to make sure that we remember the ‘Good old Days’ when it was about sharing content and making connections without the questions about data and advertising. The new memories section will combine all the flash back features into one place making it easier for users to access them. Whilst there is nothing new here, it is all about encouraging people to keep sharing content because without this, Facebook will become an irrelevant platform.

Instagram rolls out @Mention sharing creating a new way to share stories content.

In addition to the ability to share other users posts to your stories, Instagram has now introduced the option to add other people’s stories to your own story if you are mentioned in it. When someone tags you in their story using a @ you will get a direct message and the option to add the content to your own story.

We think this could be an exciting prospect for businesses who use Instagram. Indeed, if a businesses audience share images of products or events within stories using the @, it gives the business the option to share this content directly onto their own stories and we feel the importance of UGC (User Generated Content) should never be ignored by businesses.

Facebook makes further links with Instagram

Whilst the two platforms have generally kept themselves separate, Facebook is attempting to tap into the popularity of Instagram to give their Facebook stories a much-needed boost. The new feature will enable users to share content from Instagram to Facebook without leaving the Facebook app – a feature Facebook hopes will encourage people to share more content. For businesses we would suggest approaching the feature with trepidation. Content should always be tailored to the platform you are working on and taking short cuts to cross-post content is not always the best option.

Posted on June 14, 2018 in Social Media Round Up

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