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Social Media Round up 26th April 2018

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Instagram is the most active Influencer channel

Instagram’s popularity continues to grow, particularly amongst the younger generation so it is easy to see why it is become the platform of choice for many brands looking to capitalise on Influencer marketing. A survey carried out by the Everywhere Agency found that 80% of micro-influencers reported an increase in platform-specific campaigns and 58% quoted Instagram as the platform that was requested.

That said, there has also been a shift towards micro-influencers instead of the more traditional high-profile celebrities. This is because, whilst the micro-influencer might not have the same audience numbers, they do have incredibly loyal followers and are likely to hold sway over a captive audience.

If you would like to know more about influencer marketing and how it could work for your business please contact simon@curtisgabriel.com


What have we noticed since Facebooks Newsfeed changes? Facebook Live wins.

Video continues to rule on social media and beyond that, Live video is even more popular so if you are using Facebook Live for your business you will see a positive impact on your levels of organic engagement. Facebook continues to promote its Watch feature and with that, the continual use of video on the platform, so it is no coincidence that the algorithms are favouring more of this type of content.

Facebook Live is not always an easy thing to master, Live video can be difficult to get, and high quality live content is even harder to source however as we reported last week you can now pre-record and edit content which can be shared through the Live feature. Something we believe could become very beneficial for many businesses.


Reddit Rises

Did you know Reddit now has more active users than Twitter?

For a platform which many do not view to be ‘mainstream ‘social media, Reddit has certainly been making waves and now reports to have 330 million active users, an increase of 30% in just 6 months. What is perhaps more interesting for businesses however is the engagement the platform is seeing. With the average user spending 15 minutes and 47 seconds on the platform each day it has quickly over taken Facebook which averages just over 11 minutes per user per day. Will you be making the move to Reddit?

Posted on April 26, 2018 in Social Media Round Up

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