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Social Media Weekly Roundup – 4

Curtis Gabriel Newcastle

Social media gets more social this week as LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook all make improvements to their communication features.

LinkedIn Active Status

LinkedIn has seen an incredible 240% growth on the number of messages sent since the introduction of their new look mobile app and they have decided to capitalise on this progress by adding an ‘active status’ feature to their messaging function. In a similar style to what we have already seen on other platforms, most notably facebook, it simply gives users the opportunity to see when their connections are online. If like us however, you don’t always want the world to know where you are and what you are doing you can turn your active status of. Just remember that by choosing to turn this feature off you will no longer be able to see which of your connections are active. Our advice would be to make sure it is turned on when you’re happy to chat as it is a great way to encourage real time conversation on this platform.


Instagram updates their comment layout

So, we clearly weren’t the only ones who found tracking comments on Instagram a frustration! This week Instagram have changed the way comments will appear in feeds by introducing new ‘comment threads’. This simply means that when you hit reply your comment will now be grouped underneath the initial comment in the thread. Makes sense to us!


M arrives in the UK

Whilst we are not talking about M from James Bond, facebook’s M could prove to be just as useful to the UK when it comes to improving social media communications. Better known as facebook’s artificial intelligence in its messenger feature, M is intended to offer you suggestions in your conversation including suggest stickers, polls, birthday celebrations, group gatherings and location sharing. For example, if you are talking about visiting somewhere M can detect this and offer you a means of getting there – a shortcut to booking an Uber. Having been already rolled out across the US it is now available in English and Spanish to UK users and we think it will be a hit. As Facebook is still working on this feature we expect to see huge advancements over the coming few months.


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Posted on August 18, 2017 in Social Media Round Up

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