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Social Media Round-up 18

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Facebook looks to animate profile images and explores the possibility of new messenger streaks whilst Twitter tests out their ‘talking about this’ feature.

Facebook looks to introduce a new feature which will automatically animate your profile image.

Harry Potter is real. Well, not quite but the magic behind it soon could be as Facebook are currently in the process of testing out a feature which will animate still profile pictures. The idea being that ultimately the reactive profiles will respond to actions made on their page, for example, if you like something on the page the profile picture will smile.

Kind of cool as it is but we can really see how Facebook could take this one step further to create a far more interactive and immersive social media experience that responds automatically to your actions on a page. Put simply, Facebook could get to point where you will get an automatic reaction every time you engage with something on a page. Something we are sure will drive up engagement.

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Twitter explores the use of ‘talking about this’ instead of tweet actions.

This week it has been reported that Twitter are testing out a feature which will remove the traditional tweet actions (re-tweet, like and share counts) from embeded tweets shown elsewhere on the internet and will replace them with a ‘talking about this count’.

The idea being that it will draw people into the wider conversation and encourage people to sign in to Twitter to gain more context about the Tweet and involve themselves in the discussion. An issue that has arisen as it is estimated there are currently around 500 million users who read tweets online without signing in or registering. So, we can see the idea behind it, get people on the platform and get them talking, it will however be interesting to see whether such a small test results in a full roll out.

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Facebook test out new ‘messenger streaks’.

In a bid to continually improve engagement levels on their platform Facebook are testing out a new feature which will let you know when you have an active streak. This will be done using pop ups on your messenger home screen or you may also see lightening bolts next to the name of the person you have messaged for the last three days in a row.

Using the same principle as that which has proved incredibly popular on Snapchat, predictions are being made that Facebook my also look to incorporate ‘rewards’ for the interactions you make to again encourage interactions on the page.

From businesses, this could be an interesting move for Facebook as they look to boost the numbers of younger users on their platform who, will of course, make up your target audience in the future, something which should not be overlooked.


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Posted on December 1, 2017 in Social Media Round Up

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