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Social Media Roundup 22nd March 2018

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Instagram Shopping Tags are open to all businesses

Whilst many viewed this as a game changer for Instagram, it has been a slow process to get going. Instagram were being smart though, they knew that quick and immediate change could upset users and impact upon how people viewed and used the platform so they watched the data carefully before rolling it out. However, Instagram have now taken the decision to open it up to all businesses and we can’t wait to see the impact. This feature will allow you to tag your products, much in the same way you can currently tag people in posts and users can then simply tap through from a tagged post within a feed to find out more about the products available. The perfect way to make shopping and selling on Instagram that little bit easier. There are eligibility requirements for using the Shopping Tags and Instagram will have to approve your account, but we think it is an exciting prospect.

Twitter is reportedly working on a new, Snapchat-like option.

With Instagram and Facebook are already pulling users away from Snapchat it seems Twitter are now looking for a piece of the pie. It has been reported the platform is working on a camera-first feature which would see a shift from the current focus on text to video and images. In many ways it is an unsurprising move given the incredible increase in the use of video and live content we’ve seen in the the last year. The new feature would essentially combine location-based videos and photos and display them together on its discovery tag, making it easier for people to share and search for content.


LinkedIn adds new sticker and text options for video content.

This week LinkedIn announced two new features which can be used to enhance your videos on the platform, filters and text styles. The text will enable you to give a context for users when sound is switched off which we think makes perfect sense. However, the filters which are currently available feel a little bit off brand for us. LinkedIn has a different purpose and feel to the other social media platforms and whilst video is incredibly popular on the platform we are not sure these will catch on with users. Only time will tell!

Posted on March 22, 2018 in Social Media Round Up

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