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Social Media Roundup 26

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The big news this week came from Instagram as they announced changes in their API which will enable users to schedule posts via a third-party platform whilst Facebook continues to try to appeal to and reassure users as it expands its privacy resources and Twitter looks to capitalise on Moments.

Instagram will now allow businesses to schedule Instagram posts.


Whilst it was a decision which infuriated many businesses we can understand why Instagram have, up until now, not encourage businesses to schedule posts for the platform. The best that most of the main scheduling platforms could offer was the ability to draft posts which could then be shared manually at specific times. This meant users had to continually log in and work on the platform directly and that has clear advantages; It kept the platform fresh, live and made people work in real time which is one of the most wonderful things about social media. However, for businesses it has been one of the most sought-after updates in recent years and finally it has arrived. Business users of third party scheduling tools will now be able to schedule content to be published on the platform and it will be interesting to see the impact it has.

Facebook rolls out additional data privacy resources.  

It has been well documented that people are sharing less and less personal posts on Facebook and this is perhaps linked to the concerns people have about the privacy of the content they share. The result is Facebook have launched a new campaign to help users become more informed about their privacy options. This campaign will include videos which will appear in users News Feed and prompts to complete a privacy ‘check-up’. The idea being that if people know what is happening to the visibility of their posts, they are more likely to share things on the platform and the more you share, the better it is for Facebook. Essentially Facebook needs users to share and engage on the platform as it helps them to build up a far better profile of your interests which in turn helps them to create far greater targeted ad options for businesses. The more targeted adverts can be them more likely businesses are to see a great ROI and will thus invest more in Facebook advertising.

Twitter adds the option to sponsor moments from premium content partners.

Twitter Moments have long been around and always offered users a straightforward way to discover the best of what the platform has to offer and whilst they might not have the popularity intended, Twitter states their use is growing. And whilst users have always been able to sponsor moments Twitter are building on this by offering businesses the opportunity to sponsor moments from premium content partners. This gives businesses the opportunity to reach far greater audience numbers than they previously could whilst also linking in with relevant content.

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Posted on February 1, 2018 in Social Media Round Up

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