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Social Media Round-up Week 16

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Some fun changes for Facebook this week who continue to look for ways to increase the ‘real-time’ aspect of their platform and a savvy move from Instagram to capitalise on the use of hashtags.


Facebook stories for events

In a continual bid to increase the popularity and use of stories Facebook is now giving users the opportunity to contribute to stories which have been created for events and groups they are part of.  Once you have clicked you are attending or interested in in an event you will see the story at the top of your newsfeed. We think providing multiple people with the opportunity to share photos from events in one place is a great idea and could offer an immersive experience for events. We love this new feature and think it could be a fantastic opportunity for businesses who host events to really engage with their audience in a fun and interactive way.


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Facebook adds new cover slideshows for pages

After initially launching cover videos for pages early this year Facebook has now provided a third option – cover slideshows. This will enable businesses to showcase their products, business and brand messages and help to make pages more engaging. Whilst the traffic on Facebook pages may not be as high as some would like (with the focus instead being on content shared within the newsfeed) there is no disputing the fact that an attractive and well-presented Facebook page can have a positive impact on a business’s success.

Curtis Gabriel Social Media


Instagram tests new option for users to follow chosen hashtags.

As well as following profiles, Instagram is now testing out a new feature which would enable users to follow hashtags and we can see why they have made this move. Hashtags are an integral part of the platform and this would allow users to have posts about a specific topic added to their feed, removing the need for individual searches. Seeing more of the content you like is bound to have a positive impact on your levels of engagement on the platform. Instagram has also suggested that that only top posts and recent stories will be shared in the feed – a good option for users as it prevents feed becoming swamped with content. If the feature passes its pilot phrase it is likely to be rolled out to all users very soon.

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