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Social Media Roundup Week 17

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Tests of ‘Tweetstorm’ expanded, the ability to send 4k images on Facebook messenger introduced and Instagram looks to capitalise on Live streaming with the introduction of a ‘request to join’ feature.


Instagram users can request to join a live stream

Having only just introduced the ‘live guest’ option to their stories feature, Instagram have now taken the upgrade one step further and viewers can now request to join a live stream in real time. For brands this could offer exciting opportunities for Q & A sessions where users could ask their question directly. There are obvious issues with this, as there is with any live content, however it would certainly build interest and engagement and shows the ever-increasing interest in ephemeral content.

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4k Images on Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger users can now send and receive images at 4k resolution which is currently the highest quality on offer from many smartphones. With 17 billion photos shared through messenger every month it is unsurprising that Facebook are ensuring they keep up with the technology and continue to encourage people to share high quality images on their platform.
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Tweetstorm feature is now in testing

Having already upped the character limit of tweets to 280 from 140, Twitter continues to develop new ways to allow people to say more. The principle of a ‘Tweetstorm’ being that you can create a series of automatically linked tweets for your audience to follow. Whilst users have manually done this for a long time this feature, which is currently in testing, would enable users to write multiple tweets and then publish them at the same time with numbers automatically added to highlight their place in the chain. Whilst this feature hasn’t been rolled out to all users, the expansion of the test group suggests it will be soon.
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Posted on November 23, 2017 in Social, Social Media Round Up

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