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Social Media Roundup Week 20

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Instagram rolls out the ability to follow hashtags and Twitter introduces ‘Threads’ and video counts. Find out more in our weekly social media roundup.

Instagram now lets you follow hashtags  

In November we reported that Instagram were trialling a feature which would allow users to follow hashtags and guess what, they’ve now made the decision to roll it out to all users.

It simply means that any posts using the hashtag you follow will now appear in your main feed which is a very exciting prospect for businesses. For example, by choosing hashtags which represent your business and brand you could now access a whole new audience who may not previously have known about your product. It also means that you can help to create a community around your page by using specific hashtags linked to your product. If users follow your specific hashtag they will now be able to quickly and easily see other peoples experience of your product in their main feed as well as your original content.

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Twitter launches ‘Threads’ 

Having recently discussed the test of Twitters Tweetstorm feature we can now announce that it is being rolled out to all users in the format of Twitter ‘Threads’. As with Tweetstorm, Threads will simply enable users to string together longer messages, so if you can’t fit your thoughts into 280 characters this could be very good news. To use you can simply click the ‘+’ icon to add more tweets to your collection and then tap ‘tweet all’ to publish them at the same time. Whilst they will appear as individual tweets on the feed, they will be grouped together. With engagement levels already increasing since the introduction of 280 characters it will be interesting to see whether ‘Threads’ become an integral part of the platform as people find they have more to share.

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Twitter announces video count will be displayed on all video.

A key part to any good social media strategy is making sure you analyse your data and this tool from Twitter may help you recognise what works for your audience with a quick glance. Having said that, there has been discussion as to whether Twitters ‘2 second rule’ of watching is enough to justify the ‘count’. However, we feel it is another tool to help produce effective social media content.

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Posted on December 15, 2017 in Social Media Round Up

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