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Social Media Round-up Week 21

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The end is in sight for engagement baiting posts on Facebook in the same week as they launch their new face recognition tool whilst Twitter look to clamp down on trolls and abuse on their platform.

Facebook cracks down on ‘Engagement Baiting’ posts

Most people don’t want to see what they consider to be spam posts clogging up their Facebook newsfeed, so this week Facebook has changed its algorithms to try to reduce the number of what they consider to be ‘engagement baiting’ posts on their platform. Essentially meaning that posts which do this will see a reduction in their reach and the page itself could also be penalised. They have taken these steps to try and encourage more real interaction on the platform and encourage people to share their own content. It will affect posts which;

  • Ask for votes
  • Ask to be shared
  • Ask you to ‘tag a friend’
  • Ask you to comment

Although this is not a huge move away from Facebook’s official rules for competitions it does pose an interesting prospect for companies looking to use the platforms for competitions. If you would like support in creating engaging content which doesn’t rely on ‘engagement baiting’ please contact us.


New Face recognition tools on Facebook

Facebooks photo identification system will now alert you if a photo you are included in is shared on the platform. You will then have the option to tag yourself in the photo or, if you have objections to the content of the photo, report it. You will also be able to tell Facebook if it is not a photo of you. It is important to know however that you will only be alerted if you have a connection to the person posting the photo. We think this could be an interesting step, particularly as more brands look to share user generated content on their pages.

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Twitter begins to enforce new safety policies and bans those who violate the terms.

Twitter has been surrounded by discussion recently over their dealings of complaints, abuse and profile verification and as a result have now published a new set of rules to tackle these issues. There is clearly a need for these new rules however how Twitter enforces them and the impact it will have upon the platform remain to be seen.


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Posted on December 22, 2017 in Social Media Round Up

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