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Social Media Roundup Week

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It’s coming…Twitter is rolling out 280 characters for all users, Facebook continues to develop its Ad options AND Instagram will now let you post any content to stories, removing the previous 24-hour limit!

280 character limit will be rolled out to all users

We all talked about it, we all discussed the pros and cons and now it’s happening.

This week Twitter announced that the 280 character limit would be made available to all users. And whilst increasing the number of characters initially faced resistance the data and research seems to point in the direction that it is a good idea and it will work. Firstly, Twitter says users are statistically more engaged with longer tweets. This kind of makes sense. When you can explain yourself a little more you can be more interesting, give more detail and show more personality, all of which adds up to more engaging content. The data also showed that whilst the limit was 280 characters only 2% of tweets actually used over 190 characters during the trial period suggesting that we want to say a bit more, but not too much.

We look forward to seeing how these changes will impact on Twitter and whether the data from, what was realistically, a very small number of accounts will have the same impact for everyone. With most things social media, we think ultimately it is going to be all about how your business chooses to make use of the changes and how you adapt which will have the biggest impact.


Instagram removes the 24-hour limit on Stories

Until now you could only share content created in the last 24 hours on your Instagram Story. Whilst there were always ways around this constriction it did encourage users to share content in real-time, something all the social media platforms want to encourage. For companies this change may make it easier to use the feature as content can be planned ahead of time and prepared in advance, ready to be shared at the optimum time. We are not sure however if it will make much difference to many users who are already in the habit of sharing content on the go and keeping their stories relevant and in real time.

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Facebook adds new option to help business get the most from their ad budget.

Facebook needs businesses to advertise through its platform, so it needs to make spending money on the site an appealing prospect. This new update, aimed mainly at smaller businesses who need to closely monitor their spend, will allow Facebook to automatically allocate budget to the advert which is performing the best, ensuring maximum value for the user. It will save you work by identifying how to allocate your budget, the downside however could be that it is placing reliance upon Facebook’s ad tracking data and software, something some not all users will be happy to do.

Facebook Advertisements

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