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Social Media Weekly Roundup – 10

The big news this week was obviously Twitter looking to extend the number of characters to 280 but there have also been developments for Facebook & Instagram. Here’s what you need to know and why!


Twitter announces new character limit of 280

In what many felt to be a surprise move this week, Twitter announced that it would be doubling the character limit of tweets from 140 to 280. This feature is not available to all users yet although its impact has already been felt across the world of social media. With some hailing the move as a step forward, others feel it will change the platform entirely and doesn’t address the bigger issues that there are on Twitter and we can see what they are saying. Whilst we have all been frustrated at times when we can’t include everything we want to say in a tweet or have had to re-word a tweet entirely to make our point there is a clear advantage to 140 characters. Tweets are concise and to the point and if you had more to say there have also always been ways around the 140 limit, with tweetstorms or images of text being shared regularly.

Twitter Product Manager, Aliza Rosen, said in her blog post “that the latest change is designed to remove a major constraint for users, with the hope that it makes sharing their thoughts easier”. We think that only time will tell if the change has had the desired effect, but one thing we do know is that it has made a big impact and perhaps, not for the better.

And if you can’t wait for the 280 character limit to be applied to your account, there is still hope as a number of individuals online have found a way around the 140 limit that isn’t images or textstorms. We suggest you google it to find out how!



Instagram Is Adding Video Masks to Instagram Live

We have previously discussed the increasing popularity of video on social media and indeed it is reported that 100 million hours of video are now watched on Facebook alone every day.

As consumers, our appetite for video and live streaming continues so it is not altogether unpredictable that Instagram have yet again followed in the footsteps of Snapchat and introduced video masks to their platform.  And who can blame them, the increasing use of Instagram live and its features (such as adding a live guest option) have proved to be very popular so why wouldn’t they adopt more of them!

For Instagram, it’s all about market share. Instagram Live now has more active users than Snapchat and as they continue to grow and add features Snapchat will need to do something to keep up!



Facebook Reactions Store

Now we think this is a very interesting prospect for businesses!

Whilst reactions on Facebook have been there for a while their impact hasn’t truly been felt in the world of social media and their usage compared to the classic ‘like’ button is small. However, it seems Facebook likes them and wants to encourage their use. They reported in February that reactions would now carry more weight in the Facebook algorithm than simple likes, the justification being that people had displayed a more significant response, e.g. love or hate.

And now there is talk of custom reactions which could be very interesting. Imagine your business launching a new product and being able to create a personal reaction for people to share. This offers huge options for businesses to get their product and brand out there! Only time will tell what Facebook has planned!



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Posted on September 29, 2017 in Social Media Round Up

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