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Social Media Weekly Roundup – 12

Some interesting updates for both Facebook and Twitter this week in our weekly roundup!


Keep track of tweets with Twitters new ‘Bookmarks’ feature


Up until now the main way to keep track of tweets that you wanted to come back to later was to like them. This obviously wasn’t ideal for several reasons.

Firstly, if you like a tweet it will have an impact on Twitters algorithms – when you like something you are going to see more of it on your feed and it will also impact on who Twitter recommends you follow. So, whilst you may want to read an article, you may not want to see more of that type of content in the future.

Secondly, if you ‘like’ a lot of tweets you still had to trawl through all the content that you had liked that day to find the content you want to read.

The solution? Twitter have introduced a ‘Bookmark’ feature. It is no real surprise as this is a feature which has been available on Facebook for some time now and is used by more than 250 million people a month so there is clearly a demand for it. Twitter will hope these updates will have an impact of their monthly usage.



Facebook confirms that you will soon be able to cross-post Instagram stories to Facebook

A few weeks ago, we reported in our weekly roundup that Facebook was looking at the possibility of introducing cross-posting between Instagram stories and Facebook’s stories feature and it has now been confirmed. This could have a positive impact for businesses who use both social media platforms as it will enable content to have a far greater level of exposure. Currently it is not available to brands using Facebook’s Business Manager however we don’t think it will take long before this is an option so it’s an exciting prospect in the world of social media management!



Twitter includes a ‘Happening Now’ to capitalise on real-time discussion


Social media has changed the way the world communicates and information and news is now accessible within seconds of an event happening. Twitter is attempting to capitalise on this by introducing a ‘Happening Now’ notification which will appear on the user home screens. Notifications will be linked to you interests and is initially focusing on sports in America but it won’t be long before the feature is rolled out, helping you to see the most relevant tweet mentions for you. Whilst you can already link in with events through #, the idea of this is to build engagement by showing you real-time content which you may otherwise have missed – a widespread problem on Twitter as feeds move so quickly and content is easily lost.



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Posted on October 13, 2017 in Social Media Round Up

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