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Social Media Weekly Roundup – 6

This week there have been some interesting updates within the world of Social Media. Here below are three of the most talked about stories, which have been creating conversation in the CGC office.



Are you a fan of Facebook reactions?

If you didn’t know already, they give you the ability to react to a piece of content, a comment or post. There are now five different facial expressions and a total of  six different methods of expressing yourself on Facebook.

Below, you can see the different reactions, as you will probably notice they are the most common reactions we would express in our day-to-day lives.


Just recently, Facebook has put more emphasis into reaction promotion and usage, and they are receiving a great response from users.  Not only has this been a huge hit for Facebook, but also for Facebook using brands. From research, it appears that brands are receiving more response than ever thanks to their content being reacted to by the public. Brands can now utilise reactions to determine patterns and trends about their viewers. Not only can they see where the content is reaching to, but they can also see whom their captive online audience is for their content being shared on Facebook.




As the name suggests, Facebook will now take you on a trip down memory lane with this new and exciting feature.  It has just recently granted over 2 million of its users access to this new development. The idea behind the launch is to recreate memories from a particular date or time in a more unique and nostalgic way.

Content from your Newsfeed which you will have posted or been tagged in from the past will resurface, allowing you to experience that day again. For example, photos of you and friends, status updates and tags in posts. The content will appear in different categories, showing different months and seasons.



This new feature is very similar to TimeHop, which provided memories across all social media platforms. However, Facebook hopes to achieve a personal touch by recreating all your memories in one place.

On this Day is private and only you will be able to see it unless you share the content. You have the ability to choose whether you want notifications, highlights, all memories, or none by configuring your settings to suit you.  On this Day will not only allow you to celebrate memories from the past but also allow you to remember who you became friends with on Facebook.



Facebook agreed to purchase WhatsApp around three years ago for $16 billion. The messaging app throughout this time has been phenomenal, proving to be very popular. The functionalities of the app, just in case you didn’t know already, allow you to stay in touch with friends, have secure messaging and call for free.

Just recently, the decision has been made to launch a new service via WhatsApp that allows businesses to communicate by providing a verified accounts program. This new app will be dedicated to small and medium sized businesses allowing them to communicate with one another. The app will display a green badge next to the business if the phone number provided for that account can be verified.

The focs for this app, in 2017, is to continue growing engagement having just hit 1 billion daily actives, as well as growing the user base, build connections with businesses and monetization.



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Posted on September 1, 2017 in Social Media Round Up

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