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Social Media Weekly Roundup – 7

This week both Facebook and Instagram have made some new and exciting improvements to their features, allowing you to communicate and engage with your followers more efficiently on social media.

Cross-Posting from Instagram stories to Facebook.

Have you noticed Facebook stories? We are guessing for many of you the answer is no! Despite having been available to users for over 6 months there have been no figures published and the consensus in the world of social media is that it has not been a success.

The solution?

Why not tap into the 250 million stories being shared on Instagram every day.

Indeed, Facebook is now testing the option for Cross-Posting content from Instagram Stories to Facebook.  This option would give those who have both Facebook and Instagram the ability to share content across both accounts easily. We think development of cross-posting may turn out to be a clever idea to boost Facebook’s numbers, and for you, it means you will be able to maximise your views, and exposure of your posts. We just wait to see whether it will be made available to Facebook pages in the future.



An insight into some new features of Facebook

Blink and you miss it.

That’s how it can feel at times in the world of social media as new features are continually added and old features are updated. The reason for these changes is each social media platform is continually striving to stay current and relevant for their users. Here are a couple you may have missed on Facebook.

Fundraisers – Facebook is based on the idea of building communities and bringing people together. One way this can be done is through helping and supporting fundraising. This week Facebook has gone a step further and helps display suggested fundraisers to help users link up with charities which may be of interest. `

Tinder for Messenger – Facebook will initiate meet ups by suggesting people you should catch up with. You will have the option to accept or reject the invitation however if both of you say yes, Facebook will let you know so you can start making plans. The site will take into consideration your location, friends, and places you like to visit to create the best suggestions. We are not convinced by this feature as we are not sure it brings anything new. We can all message our friends to meet up, should we be relying on a computer algorithm to organise our social lives?


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Posted on September 11, 2017 in Social Media Round Up

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