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Social Media Weekly Roundup – 5

A big birthday this week as the # turns 10 on Twitter, more developments in the use of video on LinkedIn and Facebook gives publication credit to news stories.


Happy Birthday to the # on Twitter!

Ten years ago, on the 23rd August 2007, Chris Messina used the # for the first time in a tweet. Little did he know the enormous impact his action would have on the world of social media and how we now communicate with each other. The # now enables us to find and talk to people all around the world who are discussing the same topic. It has changed the way we watch tv, movies and listen to music. There have been successes, #IceBucketChallenge and fails, Blackberries #RIMjobs or Susan Boyles #Susanalbumlaunchparty but whether you love or hate the #, it is here to stay!

Read more about # on our latest blog post.




Native video on LinkedIn

The focus on video content on social media is huge and we believe that this trend is only set to continue. A little over a year ago LinkedIn announced its Native video function but as with many new developments at LinkedIn, these things take time to become a reality! A year after initial tests however Native video is now available to all users. This means you will be able to upload pre-recorded video content or share new videos made within the app lasting up to 10 minutes. We think this could be an exciting way for users to share information about themselves and their latest products in an interesting and engaging way.



Facebook adds publisher’s logo to trending news

The internet is awash with information. In fact, pretty much anybody can post whatever they like whenever they want to which means at times it can be quite hard to distinguish fact from fiction. To help Facebook users know where their information is coming from and to add authenticity to the source, Facebook has decided to add in the publisher’s logo next to each trending news story.  Facebook has also taken steps to ensure that publishers are genuine and only approved publishers will have their logo used. For users it means they know where their information is coming from, for Facebook it is a step towards preventing fake news from being shared on their platform. A win win all round we think!



Posted on August 25, 2017 in Social, Social Media Round Up

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