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Social Media Weekly Roundup – 13

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New moves reported for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter this week with a real focus on advertising. Here’s our top 3 social media stories of the week!


Facebook trials option to add a resume

Up until now LinkedIn has always been viewed as the ‘professional’ social media platform however that could all be set to change as Facebook steps on more toes by testing out a new virtual resume feature. Building on the existing work histories feature this move will allow users to include far more detail about themselves and their previous work experience. And let’s be honest it’s a move which makes a lot of sense. Facebook already knows what job you do, what jobs your friends do, what jobs your family do, so they are perfectly placed to recommend you for upcoming job opportunities for companies willing to pay for the data. For example, if you work in the hotel or hospitality trade, Facebook will be able to link you with jobs available within that sector within your area.



Adverts that don’t feel like Adverts on Instagram

Advertising is an integral part of all the social media platforms and whilst they cannot hide the fact that posts are adverts, Instagram is taking steps to make it less obvious. Up until now the action button on an advert would turn blue but new algorithms mean that the action button will now fit in with the main colour of the adverts photo. The idea being that if the call to action button feels part of the post it will increase levels of engagement because people will not feel they are being targeted with adverts as much and thus interact with them more.  Exactly what businesses who are using Instagram to advertise their product on want to hear!



Twitter adds new video website card

Social media continues to look for ways to make it easier for customers to engage with profiles and advertising. With this new feature Twitter users will be able to continue watching videos from a profile whilst connecting to the profiles website – creating a seamless link between the two and no time wasted waiting for websites to load. What’s the point in this? Well beta participants saw an average of 60% increase in user retention. As a company using social media to advertise, the last thing you want is for potential customers to be put off by time wasted waiting for websites to load and Twitter have created the perfect solution!


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Posted on October 20, 2017 in Social Media Round Up

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