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Social Media Weekly Roundup 15th March 2017

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A crackdown on social bots

Fake profiles continue to be an issue which plague the big social media platforms however steps are now being taken to crackdown on these so called ‘social bots’. Indeed, Facebook algorithms continue to focus on what it deems to be authentic content, Twitter is in the process of deleting and suspend thousands of fake accounts and now the focus has turned to Instagram. Users are far more aware now and are beginning to look more closely at influencers and their audiences to ensure they are populated with real followers. We think these are very positive moves for the platforms and will help social media get back to what it was designed for, real people sharing real content.

Facebook’s ‘Watch’ platform makes major advances

Whilst things seemed to have gone a little quiet on Facebook’s Watch platform it appears there was a lot going on behind the scenes. Last week a $35million dollar deal was announced with Major League Baseball in America which will see the platform air 25 games over the season whilst this week it is reported that new deals are being stuck with news channels to create exclusive content for the platform. As the popularity and use of the feature grows it will be interesting to see how Facebook chooses to monetise the platform through focused advertising options.

Fake news on Twitter and the possibility of increasing the use of Twitter Verification

This week it was reported that fake news stories are being continually shared on the platform and data suggests that people are far more inclined to re-tweet and share false news reports than true ones. Twitter obviously wants to make sure content being shared on its platform is reputable and one suggested way around this was to open Twitter verification to everyone. However, this has issues which Twitter itself acknowledged in November 2017. Is the verification viewed as a means of identity or as an endorsement and indicator of importance?

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