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Social Media weekly Roundup 24

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There has only been one story this week which has really dominated the social media news and it’s a biggie for anyone using Facebook to promote their business so here’s what you really need to know.

Facebook announces changes to its Newsfeed algorithms

Throughout 2017 there were mutterings of possible changes to the Facebook Newsfeed and with tests of the ‘Explore Feed’ completed in 6 countries there has certainly been a lot for businesses to think about as we move into 2018.

This week’s announcement that Facebook’s new algorithm will show users more posts from people they know and fewer from pages has obviously concerned many who use the platform to promote their business.

Facebook’s argument is that it will ensure the time people spend on Facebook is ‘well spent’, encouraging people to interact and engage with content that really matters to them. They also hope it will address the issue the platform has had in recent years which has seen a dramatic decline in how much personal information people are choosing to share.

However, there will be big implications for pages on the platform and many predict page reach will naturally go down as a result. Whilst there has been no specific date given for the roll-out many are predicting the changes will be gradually introduced over time.

How can you combat these changes?

  1. By ensuring you are sharing content which gets engagement and interaction from your audience. Comments and real conversation will be favoured by the algorithm so the more this happens on your page, the more reach you will get.
  2. Ads. It is predicted that the ‘pay to play’ principle will become even more prevalent on the platform because of these changes.


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Posted on January 18, 2018 in Social Media Round Up

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