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Social Media Weekly Roundup 25

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Facebook continues to make waves with the introduction of its new algorithms and there’s plenty of fun to be had with Instagram Stories. Read more now.


Facebook announces new methods to measure page and publisher trust.

Most of those who use Facebook to promote their business are still getting their heads around the huge changes announced last week which will totally change the Facebook newsfeed and here is another biggie. Facebook has announced new methods to measure page and publisher trust which will impact on reach. Facebook have decided to offer over the decision as to whether a page is trustworthy to users, makes sense, right? However, this does have issues. People hold different opinions of different pages and whilst there are many news pages which share great journalistic stories, they also use quizzes and random surveys, would this impact upon their trustworthiness? Also, how big a sample do you have to take out from the billions of daily users to gauge whether a page is trustworthy or not?
What we see is Facebook trying to change the way people use the platform and we believe their intentions are good and are in the right place. Changing the algorithms so people see what they really want to see and engage with content they truly believe is interesting and relevant is important. However, with a platform as big and as complicated as Facebook even the slightest change can make huge waves.


Instagram confirms the use of text only stories and GIF’s on the platform and the ability to upload photos of any size. 

2018 was always going to be the year that live and ephemeral content became king and Instagram continues to pave the way for this type of content. To further increase engagement on the platform Instagram have, this week, announced they will be including the ability to add GIF’s into stories. Another quirky and fun feature which we are sure will be popular amongst users. The use of text only stories will also create new opportunities for users to share their stories in a different way with the emphasis being placed on varied, fun and engaging content. Finally, in what has been a busy week for them, Instagram have also introduced the ability to add photos of any size to stories which again will help users generate more content on the platform. Plenty for users to explore and play with!

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Posted on January 25, 2018 in Social Media Round Up

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