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Social Media Weekly Roundup 27

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We move a step closer to VR on Facebook with the expansion of 3D posts and Snapchat looks to make amends following a disappointing redesign with the introduction of GIF stickers.

Facebook is adding new options to support 3D posts

Although 3D posts have been available since October 2017, Facebook are taking steps forward to encourage their use with a range of additional support options to make them easier for users to create and share and we love them.
3D posts are great for businesses looking to promote themselves on Facebook as they are fun, engaging and offer a fantastic new way of sharing products on social media. And whilst it may not be the same as picking up the object in a shop it really is the next best thing and we look forward to seeing its use increase.

Snapchat roll out their redesign then adds GIF stickers

Snapchat have rolled out a redesign intended to boost the apps stats however it has not been popular amongst users! This week has seen over 830k signatures made on a change.org petition and over a million retweets on a post which suggested Snapchat would revert to the original layout if they received 50, 000 retweets. Many high-profile celebrities were also quick to jump on the changes too, commenting on their disappointment in the redesign.
This is an issue the main platforms often face when they introduce the latest updates and changes. People don’t always like change however the difficulty Snapchat now face is that their biggest competitor – Instagram – continues to grow in popularity. The solution for Snapchat has come in the form of introducing an Instagram like feature on the platform so this week we have seen GIF Stickers on Snapchat for the first time. This is a fun tool and has proved popular on Instagram so it makes a lot of sense the Snapchat would want to follow-suit.

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Posted on February 22, 2018 in Social Media Round Up

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