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Social Media Weekly Roundup

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Instagram looks to further increase engagement on Stories with the introduction of the ‘Emoji Slider’, Facebook tests a new rating system for brand pages and Twitter introduces reach restrictions on anti-social tweets.

Instagram introduces a new interactive emoji slider poll for Stories

We feel like we talk about a new Instagram update each week and to be honest we probably do because they just keep coming and Instagram shows no sign of slowing down. The emoji slider is a variation of the polling stickers and essentially gives users a sliding scale as oppose to a straight yes or no which was the previous poll option available. You can choose pretty much any emoji for the scale which adds to the creativity of the feature. Essentially, we think it’s fun, it’s engaging and a good addition to stories.

Facebook tests new rating system for brand pages

Ever wondered who your best advert is? Your previous satisfied customers that’s who and Facebook is looking to possibly capitalise on this buy testing out a new rating system for business pages. Businesses would receive a rating out of 10 at the top of their page as well as a sample size to help give your score a context. Where it differs from the current review system is that it is not solely based on one off reviews. It is thought that it will combines data from a range of sources including reviews, recommendations, shares and even possibly response times. What is clear is Facebook is keeping the exact algorithms for this feature close to their chest to discourage people from ‘cheating the system’. They want real, honest data from real, honest customers to shine through.

An interesting prospect for many businesses who use the platform and one that we will be keeping a close eye on.

Twitter introduces reach restrictions on anti-social tweets

Social media has opened a can of worms and whilst they have policies and rules to cover certain behaviour, ultimately it is difficult to manage users who simply share different views and opinions. Indeed, just because one user doesn’t like something another has said, it doesn’t mean that the other should be punished. That said, there do need to be sanctions in place to protect users and this week Twitter has announced it will reduce reach for tweets it deems to be anti-social. To do this, Twitter will take notice of the following issues,

• Whether you tweet at large numbers of accounts you don’t follow
• How often you’re blocked by people you interact with
• Whether you’ve created many accounts from a single IP address
• Whether your account is closely related to others which have violated its terms of service

We feel this could be a positive step towards blocking questionable accounts and make the platform more accessible for genuine users.

Posted on May 17, 2018 in Social Media Round Up

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