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Social Media Weekly Roundup – 1

Social media continues to provide us with opportunities to network with the world around us and this week saw some interesting changes as the different platforms continue to vie for their share of audience engagement and usage.


Here’s what we think you need to know!


1. LinkedIn launches a new photo feature

The ability to post multiply photos has been available on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram for some time however LinkedIn has finally joined the party. The feature was launched on iOS on Tuesday, with Android and desktop to soon follow.


Image: Linkedin

2. Will Facebook finally launch their own phone?

Back in what feels like the last social media millennium of 2013 Facebook collaborated with HTC to launch the HTC First. A phone which, for the first time, would use the Facebook interface in lieu of HTC’s own Sense. Poor reviews and feedback meant it was quickly named amongst the biggest failures in the technology industry in 2013.

However, all that could be about to change as Facebook are not quite ready to give up the fight on producing their own mobile device.

The patent modules include a speaker, a microphone, a GPS and a touchscreen for a device which is planned to function as a speaker, a phone or GPS tracking device. It is worth noting that Facebook patent 100s of items every year without pursuing them.

Only time will tell as to whether Facebook can compete in what is already a very competitive market!


Image: Facebook

3. Search and find it on eBay

Have you ever seen a piece of furniture or unique pair of trainers and then tried type the description into eBay only to find nothing of the sort? eBay has finally come up with a solution. On
Thursday morning the shopping site announced its plans to introduce new image search capabilities to compete with the likes of Pinterest, Google and Amazon, all of which
already support the use of photos to connect online shoppers with products of interest. There are two parts to eBay’s visual search: Image Search and Find It on eBay.
With Image Search, eBay users can snap a photo with their phone or upload one from their camera roll to find listings on the site that match the item in the photo. The other, “Find It on eBay”, is a feature in the eBay app and on the mobile website which allows you to share images you find on the web, including on social media, and then “share” that image into eBay to find related listings.

cgc 3

Image: Ebay


4. Facebook GIF Creator

We all love a good GIF right? Facebook must have been listening as they have now added a GIF creator to the camera feature in its mobile app to allow users to record short loops of video.

Users can post their recorded GIFs to their status or story, and can even save them to their phone. When swiping left to access Facebook’s camera it will then present users with the option to create their own GIF.

We can’t wait to start using this feature!


Image: The Next Web

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Posted on July 28, 2017 in Social Media Round Up

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