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The benefits of choosing a social media management package for your business.


Social Media has become an integral marketing tool for many businesses but why would you choose to outsource it to an agency?

Ultimately social media management goes beyond simply posting content for you on your platforms. It involves engaging with your audience, responding to all activity on your pages, looking for new and exciting opportunities to increase your reach and visibility online and really growing your online presence. Indeed, there are many benefits to outsourcing your social media platforms to a fully managed Social Media agency, but we thought we’d give you our top 3.


If done well, social media can quickly become a full-time job. The need to post regular content, reply to incoming activity, create strategies and ad campaigns across multiple platforms takes time. For many businesses there is not the option to employ someone who’s sole responsibility is to manage social media platforms, yet this is what is required if you want to do it well and see a strong ROI.  Outsourcing ensures you get this level of service at a fraction of the cost.


Outsourcing your Social Media also means that the job will always gets done regardless of holidays, sick days or weekends. Posting consistent content and replying to all incoming activity is the key to increasing engagement and growing audience numbers on social media. That is why our social media management packages offer full account cover between 8am and 10pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year as well as 24/7 crisis management.


What else does outsourcing your Social Media to an agency get you? Experience and LOTS of it. Our dedicated team members range from Social Media Account Managers, to Graphic Designers, to Website Guru’s who all offer expertise for your business. We also make sure that we keep up to date with the latest social media news and developments, so we can continually advise you on how to stay ahead of the game on social media.


If you’re interested in outsourcing your Social Media platforms or want a little bit more information, please contact simon@curtisgabriel.com


Posted on April 11, 2018 in Blog

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