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Tips for handling negative feedback on social media

Negative feedback – two words that no business wants to hear but in the world of social media, two words that are becoming more and more common. That’s not because there are a greater number of issues or more things to complain about, it’s simply the fact that social media and the internet has given consumers a public platform on which to express their opinions about a business.

How you respond to negative feedback can make or break you on social media so here are our top four tips for handling it;

1. Fast Response

Try to respond to the negative feedback within one hour to reduce tension building up between you and the consumer. Faster responses reduce the chances of a complaint escalating and creating a negative buzz on social media.

2. Personalise your response

When responding to a complaint, be sure you don’t make it sound like the customer is receiving an automated response. By replying with a generic response, you’re essentially communicating with your customer that you don’t have the time to respond properly or to read about their issue. Instead you should try to reassure the customer by replying with a conversational tone and mentioning their name.

3. Move the conversation

When replying to an issue try to move the conversation offline, this means you will be moving the issue out of the public eye which will reduce any negative buzz on social media. Talking with the customer one on one will make things easier with you and with the customer to try and resolve their issue. By placing them in a calm situation of one on one conversation it’ll show the customer that you are trying to resolve their problem.

4. Acknowledge your mistakes

No one is perfect, don’t try to hide the problem by deleting the comment. Instead recognise your mistakes and take ownership of it. This will make your business seem down to earth and less corporate. When apologising through social media, be sure to make your apology sounds genuine and down to earth, as if you are apologising to the customer face to face. After apologising try to find a solution for the customer, this will help try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

If you require more top tips on how to handle all things social media. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us, drop us an email at info@curtisgabriel.com or give us a call 0191 340 3600

Posted on November 16, 2017 in Business, Social, Social Media Marketing

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