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Why You Need to Start Using Instagram Stories for Your Business

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Have you noticed the multi-coloured circles floating at the top of your Instagram feed? Say hello to Instagram stories. Launching six months ago it has already over taken Snapchats users. In the first seven months of Instagram’s stories launch it has reached 150 million daily users.

Read CGC’s guide on how to utilise Instagram’s largest growing trend for your business:

Reason One: Instant Relevant Content

Are you ever in a situation where you want to share something as it happens and know you will have more than one post and worry it will over fill your feed?. Instagram Stories was made for this moment. Your audience can choose to click on your story rather than filling their feed with pictures and videos all from the same event or moment you want to capture.

Reason Two: Show your Audience Behind the Scenes

This is a great opportunity to show your audience a new angle on your business. By showing your audience behind the scenes of your business it gives personality, a side you don’t always see just scrolling through your profile. Show your viewers behind the scenes of your office, meetings, photoshoots even what goes on in your restaurant kitchen or just your day to day workings. You can give a great sneak peek to the workings of your industry and business.

Reason Three: Stay Present and Relevant in Your Target Market

Do you struggle to post content on a regular basis? Use Stories! Draw on your images, use the lovely filters and Boomerang setting. Create live colourful content without the need to sit and really concentrate about your brand theme. Your profile picture will get the glowing ring around it alerting your followers you have a new live story to view. This keeps your brand at the top of your followers feed and keeping your presence well and truly there even when you don’t have the time to fill your profile with endless content.

Reason Four: Unlike Snapchat You Can Add Direct Links to Websites and Tag Usernames

A big downfall of Snapchat is that you cannot engage with other accounts and websites on your story. Instagram has taken this feedback on board and fixed this issue within their story. You can now tag other users on your story and you can link websites. Use this to your advantage and connect with your influencers and key accounts. Put direct links to your website. You could use this this feature to show how to use your website, go as far as tutorials on your booking software or just how easy it is to click and buy items from your online store. Use Stories to drive traffic to your website.

So there we have it, four reasons why you need to be using Instagram Stories for your business. Leave your Instagram links below and show us how you use your Stories.

Posted on May 25, 2017 in Business, Social, Social Media Marketing, Technology

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