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Weekly Social Media Roundup 3rd May 2018

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This week we see plenty of new features for Instagram being tested and Facebook takes a step back in time and encourages people to remember a time when the platform was just about making positive connections, not click baiting, spam and data breaches.

Instagram tests new features

New features are coming thick and fast from Instagram as they look to capitalise on their popularity and establish themselves as a leading social media platform. Those currently in development include a slow-motion mode, the ability to mute profile, stories reactions and a stories calendar.

Slow motion mode kind of does what it says on the tin and is basically the same as the feature already present on most smartphone cameras. However, by having it within the stories options the hope is that more people will use the it, offering greater levels of creativity and fun on the platform.

The ability to mute profiles is certainly not a new concept on social media however we believe its introduction to the platform will be popular amongst users as it gives them the option to stop seeing content without causing any issues or contentions with friends.

Instagram is continually looking for new ways to encourage engagement on the platform and the new feature, story reactions, does that. Users will be given the opportunity to post a reaction to a story, in the same way you can on Facebook Live. One thing that will need testing however is how these reactions show up on the story, you do not necessarily want your own content filled with reactions which could take away from the focus of your story. An interesting concept though and we look forward to seeing how it develops.

Stories calendar, now this one we like! Its simple but its clear and will help you to quickly see the frequency and content that you are posting out.

Facebook – Remembering the good old days.

Remember when Facebook was all about sharing photos of nights out and amassing friends?

Yeah, so do we. However, Facebook has grown and changed and so has the world of social media and it’s not always been in a positive way. Following the Cambridge Analytical scandal Facebook has had to go back to its roots and where it started, as a platform on which people could connect and share, not a platform overwhelmed by spam, clickbait, fake news and advertising. And guess what, nostalgia works, and Facebook have reported a 13% growth in 2018 following their ‘Here Together’ PR campaign. They want to be a platform people can trust and enjoy which is good news for anyone looking to promote their business on it by creating meaningful interactions with their customers.

Posted on May 3, 2018 in Social Media Round Up

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