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Why you need to be using videos on social media

Because online video content will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020.

Because 8 billion videos and 100 million hours of video are watched on Facebook every single day.

Because videos receive, on average, 135% more organic reach than a photo or image on Facebook.

And as all the big players in social media continue to add updates and new features, it isn’t hard to see that most of them are focused around improvements in sharing video content and live streaming.

But how does this impact on your business?

If you continually post high quality content and engage with your audience your reach, impressions and engagement will grow. This in turn should offer you far greater opportunities to see an impressive ROI on your social media pages. Exactly what everyone wants right?

It is well documented that videos get far more traction and engagement than any other form of post. They can be fun, creative and informative. They can capture people’s attention and imagination and, in the best-case scenario, they can go viral. And it’s like a snowball effect, the more that people engage with your video, the more people will see it, it’s how the algorithms on social media pages are set up to work. They like to share content that is getting people talking.

Indeed, videos are also more likely to evoke real emotions from your audience, a factor which Facebook is very keen on seeing. Why like something when you can show it love or hate? When you watch a video, you engage with the content, the expressions, the tone of voice, the imagery, the music. Combined it is a far more engaging and interactive experience than a still image.

Another advantage to using videos on social media is that you will be able to see how many times it has been viewed or shared, and liked by your audience. It is far easier to identify if your content is working well on your social media channels if you use videos and effectively analyse their impact and engagement.

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