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//Social Media Roundup – 24th June 2018

Social Media Roundup – 24th June 2018

This week Facebook has increased the interactive options on their video feature and announced the Brand Collabs Manager Dashboard whilst Instagram adds yet another new feature for their stories.

Facebook introduces a new Interactive Video Feature

Video has been a key focus for most of the social media platforms in 2018 so there is no surprise that Facebook is continuing to push this feature by adding new options. This week Facebook have announced a new set of interactive video features designed to increase engagement with one of the biggest being an interactive quiz option. This feature, which is currently being tested will be available on both Facebook Live and on demand videos.

We think this is an exciting possibility for businesses using Facebook to advertise their product for several reasons. Creating opportunities for interactivity on social media is key to building an engaged and interested audience which ultimately will provide a better ROI.

Facebook announces Brand Collabs Manager Dashboard

A few weeks ago, we announced that Facebook was looking to create a platform that would connect businesses with relevant Influencers and this week they have officially launched the Brand Collabs Manager dashboard. Essentially this will highlight relevant influencers to brands and help them to connect with each other and, as Influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity, we can see the benefit of this feature for everyone involved. From a business prospective it enables you to align yourself with influencers who will resonate with your audience and help to ensure a good ROI on any investment. It also benefits businesses as they will be able to view the previous track record and performance of Influencers, protecting them from what could be ‘bad connections’. An interesting update that we are looking forward to using.

Instagram adds a new video sticker to their stories

To stay on top, you must stay ahead and that is exactly what Instagram intend to do. This week they have been testing a new feature which will enable users to add multiple images as stickers to a story, including video stickers. It provides a new creative twist for stories and allows options for yet more fun and imagination which we think will be popular with users. As yet the feature has not been rolled out to everyone, but we imagine it won’t be long before it is. If you’re not using Instagram Stories for your business yet, we would say it’s time to start as they are quickly becoming one of the most popular and most used features on social media.

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