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//Social Media Roundup – 24th May 2018

Social Media Roundup – 24th May 2018

It is all about Stories at the moment for Instagram and Facebook as they both add new features to keep users interested and engaged whilst Facebook also test the possibility of a new influencer marketplace platform.

Instagram lets users share posts directly to stories

This week Instagram have announced that all users will now be able to share regular, public posts to their own Instagram stories and we think this could be fantastic for businesses using the platform.

The idea being that if you see something in the feed that interests or inspires you, you can share it straight away with your friends and followers. The post will be shared as a sticker within a story which can be the customised to an extent and the original poster’s details will also be included within the post. Whilst many were already sharing screenshots of posts, by formalising the process it does allow for credit to be given to the original poster which is great for businesses. Indeed, if you can capture your audiences interest and attention through great content you could find that they will help you to increase your reach and engagement by sharing your content with their friends and followers. That’s a win as far as we are concerned!

Facebook tests a new influencer marketplace platform

Influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity and, as a result, Facebook is now working on an influencer marketplace platform which would help brands to find relevant influencers that they could align themselves with.

It would allow you to filter influencers by choosing specific details about the audience you would like to target for example selecting age, location, gender and education. You would then be given a list of registered influencers who matched your specifications as well as data about their engagement levels, audience numbers and follower statistics. You would then be able to choose to save their details or get in touch. There is still a long way to go with this feature and it seems to be very much in the infant stages of testing however we can see the benefits for businesses who use the platform, so it is an interesting one that we will be keeping our eyes on.

New Options for Facebook Stories

Facebook believe that by the end of the year Stories will have surpassed the news feed as the primary way that users share information on the platform which may suggest why new features and updates are continually being added. Here are two that have been spotted this week.

Audio Posts – Users will be able to share audio posts through stories, they will be accompanied by bright colour backgrounds and images which could work well as an alternative to video.

Stories archive – In a similar approach to Instagram Stories, Facebook will now also offer the option of a story archive. Whilst it is not clear if they will go down the route of Instagram story highlights, it is clearly another new and interesting development for the platform.

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