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//Social Media Roundup – 27th June 2018

Social Media Roundup – 27th June 2018

This week we have seen the launch of IGTV, a re-focus on the well-being of users from Facebook and the possible introduction of cross-posting from Facebook to Instagram.


Instagram launch IGTV

The biggest social media news of the week was the unveiling of IGTV, Instagram’s video content hub focused on videos that last up to 60 minutes in length. It can be accessed directly through the platform using the small TV icon on the Instagram feed home screen or through the IGTV app.

One of the features that helps IGTV differ from the other video platforms currently on offer is that it focuses on long-form vertical videos, essentially capitalising on the fact that mobile video will account for 78% of mobile data traffic by 2021. It is a smart move to capture the attention of younger audiences who are engaging more with this type of content and generating it themselves, it also moves Instagram towards a more encompassing platform, preventing users from having to subscribe to its competitors or go elsewhere for content.


Facebook tests new feature to track how much time you spend on the platform

Facebook needs happy users and amid some negativity towards social media and its impact, the platform is now reportedly taking steps to focus on user’s well-being. The new app will enable users to track the time spent on the platform, showing your daily usage and average daily usage. It will also allow you to set time limits, which could encourage some users to re-think their habits. It may seem a strange move from Facebook as it will no doubt impact the amount of time people spend on the platform however they are placing the focus on quality connections and interactions which have been linked to improvements in well-being as opposed to passive consumption and continual scrolling through feeds.

From a business perspective we think this is a good move as ultimately you want users to enjoy their time on the platform and come away feeling positive about what they have seen.


Facebook tests the ability to cross-post updates to Instagram

Cross-posting is a word that causes a lot of discussion in the world of social media and ultimately, we come from the school of thought that content should be tailored to fit the platform you are working on and cross-posting is not generally a good thing. However, the option to share from Instagram to Facebook already exists so this move makes sense for both platforms. Our advice would be, if you do cross-post content, make sure you are aware of how your content will appear on both platforms. It also raises the issue of hashtags which many do not feel have a place on Facebook but are a key element to an effective social media strategy on Instagram.

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