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//Social Media Roundup – 7th June 2018

Social Media Roundup – 7th June 2018

Facebook falls below Snapchat and Instagram amongst Teens users.

Whilst teenagers may not be your target audience this is an interesting statistic and one that you need to know about. Why? Because it shows a shift in how young people are using social media, because it places a huge focus on image-based platforms and because today’s teenagers will become tomorrows target audience.

Knowing where your target audience is on social media is key, you can put out incredible content but if the right people aren’t seeing it you might as well not bother. These statistics show that teenagers are favouring Instagram and snapchat over Facebook in a trend that has gained momentum over the last few years so, if you are not using Instagram as a platform to reach your audience, is now the time to try?

Instagram explains how its algorithms work

In a bid to integrate itself with its users Instagram has offered further insight into how its feed algorithm works. Essentially it is focused on three areas, interest, timelessness and relationships. All sound simple so far? Good.

Interest, this one is simple – you get to see more of what you like. The algorithms will determine whether you may be interested in content based upon your previous choices and engagements on the platform.

Timelessness – there will be no return of the chronological timeline much to many user’s disappointment because the platform is trying to place greater emphasis on interesting content over the newest content.

Relationships – means the more you interact with an account, the more likely you are to see their content on your feed, essentially linking into he Interest principle above.

Ultimately for businesses using the platform the key, as with Facebook, is on interaction and engagement. The more you get your audience to engage with your content the better because they will be more likely to see your future content. Our advice? Have some fun, experiment and find out what works for your audience.

Facebook tests music option for Live Video

Whilst video still rules Facebook needs to continually look for ways to keep it relevant and popular. Indeed, Facebook live content needs to be engaging and interesting or it will lose its place. The newest test feature, music and lip syncing, should do just that. By allowing users to add a soundtrack to their video it makes content more watchable, more engaging and more interesting, particularly when you add popular music which, thanks to their music deals, Facebook can do. An interesting prospect and we watch to see whether it is rolled out to all users.

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