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//Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 13th September 2018

Curtis Gabriel’s Weekly Social Media Round Up – 13th September 2018

Instagram tests a new video tagging feature

Another week and another update for Instagram and in case you needed it, another reason to start experimenting with video content on the platform. The feature, if introduced after the test, would enable users to alert people to content by tagging them in the video. The list generated would also include anyone who has been tagged as appearing in the video. Essentially it would provide another way to increase distribution and boost engagement, the holy grail for businesses using social media.


LinkedIn Launches their new LinkedIn Group Experience

Social media is all about helping you to connect with likeminded people and creating groups. LinkedIn’s updated feature attempts to do this in the most effective way; by helping you to build professional communities through their improved group feature. On paper it sounds like a winner however much like its original counterpart which it is replacing the groups are particularly open to spam which renders them ineffective. We see the new group experience as a step in the right direction however time will tell whether LinkedIn can do enough to make them become a relevant and useful feature on the platform.


Instagram introduces new effects for its superzoom feature

This week Instagram unveiled 6 new effects for its superzoom feature for stories. Those included are paparazzi camera flashes, a fog-filled heart with music, black leaves a melancholy soundtrack, fire with rock music, a big red X and a surprise effect with an evil audio. They may not yet have hit your Instagram as they are being rolled out across users over time but when they arrive we would certainly recommend taking a look and experiment with using them in your stories.

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